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Dom Pérignon 2003

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75 cl / 12.5%

France Single Malt Whisky

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Fresh, crystalline and sharp, the first nose reveals a unique vegetal, aquatic world, with hints of white pepper and gardenia. The wine's maturity then makes a gentle appearance before exhaling peaty accents. In the mouth, the attack is direct, a prelude to a lusty roundness that seem to curl up like a plant. The notes of anis and dried ginger glide over fruit skins (pear and mango), creating an effect that is more tactile than fleshy. The finale stretches out and then comes to rest, calm, mature and diffuse. To this day, Dom Perignon has retained its founder's modern vision of true luxury: always excellent yet always improving. Richard Geoffroy, Dom Perignon Chef de Cave, is the man responsible for the constant reinvention of the wine. The making of each vintage involves a delicate job of assemblage and adjustment - different each time - before the mysterious balance between Dom Perignon's 'white' and 'black' grapes (chardonnay and pinot noir) can be reached. This delicate exercise is full of risks. The assemblage of each Dom Perignon vintage is a creative act in the most inspired and daring sense of the term. The extra effort that goes into its making enables each vintage to express its unique character while affirming (through its singularity) the timeless style of Dom Perignon.

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