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Stories from October, 2010

My wardrobe of whisky

By Miguel in Orders

My wardrobe of whisky

This is where I store my drinks: whisky, cognac, rum and wine.

At first, I had all my collection stored there with the bottles standing horizontally, until I saw a bottle where the cork looked strange. So after checking in Internet I found that whisky has to be stored vertically. So I left there the bottles that has been opened and stored in another room the closed ones. Mainly I have there:

And about the wine, I have some great ones:

Spanish wines are really great and after having been drinking whisky and learning how to find the aromas and the flavour, I have learnt to appreciate even more the subtle aromas of wines. I do really enjoy Ribera del Duero wines but when you find a good Rioja there is nothing that can match it.

My box of miniatures

By Miguel in Orders

My box of whisky miniatures

This is the box where I stored my miniatures. I don’t collect miniatures because I use them for tasting purposes.

I used to open whisky bottles as soon as I bought them but I ran out of room for storing them so now I do just open miniatures. Once it is empty I throw it to the yellow bin :)

The box is a wine gift box that I fixed. Now I need more room because there are still some bottles that I need to store there, so either I get a bigger box or I start tasting more whisky :P

How do you do to taste many whiskies? Or are you a person of a single whisky?

Whisky Bible 2011 is out!

By Miguel in News

This year Whisky Bible by Jim Murray is out.

Whisky Bible 2011 by Jim Murray

This year best whisky ( or that’s what Jim Murray says ) is Ballantine’s 17 Years Old.

I haven’t tried this one, so I will perhaps do a visit to my shop and get one bottle to give it a try. Anyway I think that Jim scores blends too high, even when he states that he is more strict with blends that with single malts because blenders can get the very best of each distillery and create a great whisky.

On second place we have Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye and in third William Larue Welle. Both of them american whiskeys and both of them out of my reach :-P.  It is so hard and expensive to get good whiskey at Europe.

Well, no matter what, I stay stick to my glass of Nikka Yoichi 10 years old. A great dram of which I will post a review soon.

Any thoughts on Jim’s selection?

How I do photograph bottles?

By Miguel in News

I explain how I take the bottles’ photos to look good enough on an extra low budget.

First of all, the things that you are going to need:

  • One big piece of white pasteboard
  • A tripod
  • A camera
  • A camera remote control
  • One big box

Then make sure your have enough room. Between camera and the bottle you will need around 1.5-2 meters.

How to use tripod and cardboard to take photos

How to use tripod and cardboard to take photos

So now that you have that setup, you have to make sure that the room is well lighted but that the pasteboard doesn’t get direct sun light.

Now get your camera and make sure that the ISO settings is set to the lowest possible, so the exposure time will be very high but as we are shooting from the tripod we don’t care about it.

Now move away from behind the camera and … SHOOT!.

You will get something like this:

A raw photo of a bottle

A raw photo of a bottle