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The Best Whisky Gifts: Find the perfect present

If I would have been given just one pence each time I have been asked for a great whisky present, I would be now rich enough for buying any Macallan or Ardbeg bottle out there :).

So I decided to build this little list so it can be of help to you when finding that perfect present for dad ( or mom!), for Christmas or for that special moment. Usually when buying whisky the first constrain is price and availability. All the bottles I will show you here can be bought online from top UK online whisky retailers ( check prices using A Wardrobe of Whisky and save money! ) so only price will be an issue.

Whisky presents on a budget

Not all of us can spend £80 on a bottle of whisky. So keep reading for finding great whisky gifts that looks great and are budget-friendly. Your present will not disappoint the least and you will save those a few of those hard earned bucks.

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Whisky gifts for the connoisseur

Just one advice, don't buy them Johnnie Walker ( read this to know why I hate Johnnie Walker ). Do you want a whisky for someone who really understands and knows what he ( or she ) is drinking? Read no more.

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Whisky gifts that look great

Do you want to buy a special gift for a special person and you want to make clear it is a special present? Well, let me show you the best looking bottles packs that made the perfect gift for anyone.

Other gift ideas

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Share your favorites

Do you know other bottles that are perfect as a present? Share your best gifts suggestions with us.