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Ardbog & The Macallan 1824 Collection

By Miguel in Laphroaig , Glenlivet , The Macallan , Whisky , Longmorn


Yay! Lots of interesting stuff this month! Finally grabbed my bottle of Ardbog and completed The Macallan 1824 Collection range of bottles. Also got a old Longmorn 15 years old and the new Talisker Port Ruighe that I plan tasting really soon. Also just I have just got a bottle of Laphroaig QA and a Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Madeira Cask.

So mysterious Alpha was that I forgot the mention it. Not sure that it is worth £100 but a really nice whisky.

What have you got lately? Any interesting dram that you have missed?

The Macallan 1824 Collection Tweet Tasting #TheMacallan1824

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , The Macallan

Hello there,

You can’t go wrong with a Macallan. Or can you? As I were not longer sure I really wanted to give a try to the new range: The 1824 Collection, released a few months ago to replace their core range of bottles. So say goodbye to 10 years old, 12 years old, 15 years old Macallan ( stock while you can, you fools! ).


So when Steve from The Whisky Wire proposed a tweet tasting about Macallan new whiskies I couldn’t but to apply. I have to say that, as everything Macallan related, this is one of the best, most precious presented samples set ever.

In case you have been living under a rock in the last year, or just that you arrived here through Google looking for the Best Single Malt Whisky in the World, the Macallan has recently decided to replace their core range of bottles with a non age statement bottles. It is quite a bold movement.

The Macallan Master Distiller Bob Dalgarno, explains that this move allow them to deliver simply the very best product without having the burden of age statements. Other persons said that this desperate movement by Macallan is just the direct result of having run-out of old stocked whiskies ( just go and try buying a Macallan 25 years old ). I have my mind clear and open, and really I don’t care about how old is the whisky but how good is it… BUT… recently we have lots of NAS whiskies scaling above £100 easily. That’s no way!.

So I poured the samples and decided I could add a few more drams into the tasting: Macallan Elegancia 12 years old, and both Macallan 18 years old and Macallan 18 years old Fine Oak.

So the whiskies…

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