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Discover Hard To Find Whisky & Their Masterclasses

By Miguel in Featured

Hard To Find Whisky is located in the Jewellery Quarter, one of Birmingham’s most historic areas. The frontage exudes style and luxury with a modern glass door and marble steps leading in.

HTFW Master Class11

Once inside, it’s hard not to be impressed. There are over 22 units displaying 3,500 bottles, from entry level Grants’ blend to their jewel in the crown bottling, the Macallan 1928 50 Year Old, on sale at 35,000. This is very clearly a shop for whisky enthusiasts. All the ultra rare whiskies are displayed in glass cabinets, lit with beautiful led lights. This really brings the colour of the whiskies to life and displays them in their best way possible.

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Ten Blended Whiskies that will return your Faith

By Miguel in Featured , Whisky

Ok, Christmas is just a memory far away and New Year eve is still echoing on your head because of that nasty stuff you drank… but keep your hopes up. There is whisky beyond J&B or Johnnie Walker. You many know that I am really a man of single malt whisky, after so many blended disappointments…


But these are ten blended whiskies that really make believe!

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Ten Must-Have Whiskies that We can still buy

By Miguel in Featured , Whisky

We are almost in Christmas so what better way of celebrating with friends and family that sharing a dram or two of a great whisky that won’t empty your pockets? This is a list of the Ten Best whiskies you can buy ( in my opinion! ) for the money. In fact, I have a bottle of all of them at home.

(Photo: Markus Reinhardt / Flickr)

So let’ see the list. If money isn’t a constrain, I would also check this List of great whiskies and if definitively you don’t care about money this other one. The other 99% please keep reading with me :) #expensivestuff

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Ten Bourbons & Whiskeys to drink before you die

By Miguel in Featured , Whisky

We are just one day away of celebrating again the Repeal’s day. The day when distilling alcohol for consumption was no longer illegal on the United States of America. So what better way of enjoying this moment that with a list of The Ten Most Interesting Bourbons I have had.


I am no expert in whisky although I have tasted right now way above 1,200 of them but I still have to work my way through bourbon. I have tasted most of the great stuff that it is available outside USA but I know I must be missing awesome stuff that it is hard to spot at this side of the pond.

So here is my list of ten Bourbons you should drink before you die…

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The Best Ten Whisky Gifts for Christmas

By Miguel in Featured , Whisky

With Christmas so close it is time to stock a few malt to either enjoy them with the friends and family or just to enjoy them on your own despite your friends and family. You can use this as a list of best xmas whisky gifts but I really advise you against it… this stuff is quite good for giving it away.


Whisky world is getting each day more and more exclusive ( and this sucks ), there are tons of limited special editions of great distilleries like Lagavulin, Macallan or Glenlivet and it is each time harder to get one of them because they are either too limited or too expensive or both of them most times. So let me help you choosing interesting stuff for this Holiday and you thank it me later.

First, please remember that I really love young peated whiskies, mid age sherried Speysiders and very old ex-bourbon casks malts. If you share my taste go ahead blindly, you won’t be disappointed. Second, I am tired of reading about whisky bottles that I can’t afford… I don’t know anyone who can afford a £2000 Lagavulin, I don’t even know anyone crazy enough to buy the Lagavulin 21yo so my ten suggestions are on the affordable ( *ejem* I mean “affordable”… most of my friends insists that I am crazy ) range of the single malt spectrum.

So let’s see the list

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Can Grain Whisky cost the same than Malt Whisky?

By Miguel in Featured , Girvan

From the author of don’t invest in whisky and why Johnnie Walker will kill you, I introduce today a question that has been hitting my since I visited The Whisky Show 2013.
While I was there, I attended the Girvan Single Grain Whisky Tasting with… erm… nevermind I don’t remember his name. It was an interesting tasting with a little Powerpoint explaining us how the Girvan plant was built, how big it was and how much alcohol it can produce. Then, we tasted three whiskies, a 25 years old, a one without name but very young and a 30 years old.

You all know that I am from Spain, and well, English isn’t my main language and we Spaniards don’t stand for our skill learning other languages so for me it is for me hard to write and really express what I want to say but I have a bigger issue when talking and listening to english ( I am improving )… so during the tasting I think I listened the person in charge explain us that this “quite special” Girvan whisky was going to have a retail price of £250. What. The. Hell. £250!. It must be my english. Damn! Two Hundred Fifty. It can’t be right.

I really think you can’t explain how big and how much alcohol Girvan produce and then try to “sell” me a bottle of whisky as something special with a special price tag… C’mon! You have another 60 million litres of it on casks, every year.

With malt whisky we are “suffering” a similar experience with more and more expensive releases each day. It is like a competition about who charge more for its whiskies. So my question is: Do you think it is legit? Where is the limit? When is it enough?

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Win 100 of FREE Whisky

By Miguel in Featured

A Wardrobe of Whisky turns three years old somewhere between October and November so to celebrate such mythical age at which raw spirit turns into single malt whisky I have decided to give away a £100 bottle of whisky. Any whisky you choose. For free. Serious.

Win FREE Whisky

A Wardrobe of Whisky’s fans recommendation ( and mine if you ask me ) are Compass Box Delilah + Nikka Coffey, Highland Park 18yo, Talisker 18yo, Old Pulteney 21yo, Glenfarclas 25yo, Balvenie 21yo or Yamazaki 18yo. The Yamazaki is slightly over £100 but what the hell, a blog doesn’t turn three years old everyday.

So what you need to win this fantastic prize, it is quite simple:

  1. Like A Wardrobe of Whisky on Facebook or Google+ ( or both for more chances )
  2. Each day I will publish a photo like the one above. Like and share it. Share each day for more chances to win.
  3. That’s all.

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Best Whiskies from The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2013

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured

At last, after writing almost one month ago my experience at The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show I have written the whole set of tasting notes. So here you have all the whiskies I tasted scored and reviewed. The whiskies are shown in the exact order that I tasted them.

The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show Best Whiskies

Warning! 100 Bottles of whisky ahead. Keep your wallet in a safe remote place or you will end up ordering great stuff… much like me.

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The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2013 Reviewed

By Miguel in Featured

Guess who tasted one fifth of The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show! Taking place at London, near Borough Market, this is maybe the biggest UK Whisky Festival with hundreds of whisky bottles from many distillers all around the world.


So there I am. One year later I am back to London for TWE Whisky Show. This year I have stayed two full days ( or so I thought ), Sunday and Monday for the Trade Day. Do you want me to tell you the good or the bad things first? Well, anyway, I am going to tell you both.


The great things about the show have been the amount of whiskies to taste, a bit over 500 this year and the quality of most of them. Lots of great stuff for tasting and barely eleven hours to taste them. Between the great whiskies I can think now of both Karuizawa, several Paul John whiskies I tasted, some Amruts, some Signatory drams, a Laphroaig, … I have made a list at the end of the post so you don’t miss them. ( I have just secured mine :P )

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The Color of Whisky

By Miguel in Featured , Whisky

Single Malt Whisky is an exciting and incredible drink. I never get tired of tasting new drams and surprisingly ( at least for me ) most of them are quite different of each other. But one of the things people loves more about malt whisky is how it looks on the glass: the color of whisky.


Color is usually a by-product of the years spent in the cask, and other times just the result of the distiller adding caramel to the whisky to get “a single color through batches”. So…

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