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Just in time! Drinks by the dram's Whisky Advent Calendar

By Miguel in Master of Malt , Maverick Drinks , Drinks by the Dram

Hello there! There we are again! November! Christmas! Holidays! And delicious randomly sorted samples of whisky for a whole month. We are again at that time of the year, and always there we have a new incarnation of the Whisky Advent Calendar.

drinks by the dram whisky advent calendar

This year is even more fantastic because we have the usual great whisky calendar, with samples of up to £600 whiskies but also we have several aditions. It has been really hard to choose one. I finally chose the standard whisky calendar because I haven’t tasted several of the whiskies inside like the Kilchoman Sanaig or the new Wolfburn Northland Single Malt and well because it has inside a sherried Macallan, a Kavalan, a 25 years old Glenfarclas… you can’t get it wrong.

But between the new aditions to the range I really considered the premium whisky advent calendar and the expensive old whisky and very old whisky advent calendar. Well, not really, I can’t afford it and it is one of the problem with today’s whisky industry… I have no idea for whom they are creating this whisky… but surprisingly for me it is sold and it is even sold out!. Just have a look at the bottles and it is a mouthwatering experience, expensive but intense and delicious. Unfortunately not for my pocket.

I am not going to promise about tasting each of the samples each day because I won’t be able to do it ( Did I mention I am dad again for third time?! ) but I will do my best to keep you on the loop with this year whisky advent calendar.

The first sample that I tasted was the iconic Buffalo Trace. Let’s review it!

Day 1: Buffalo TRace Bourbon

“I really love Buffalo Trace. A good bourbon for an excellent price range and with notes that remind me of the much more expensive George T Stagg. Simply well made bourbon”

Buffalo Trace
Winner of Malt Advocate's 'Distillery of the Year 2005' award, Buffalo Trace is a great bourbon at a very reasonable price. Jim Murray loves it.

This Buffalo Trace bourbon is the basic bottle of Buffalo Trace distillery that is responsible of such great whiskeys as George T Stag or William Larue Weller

This dram has a gold-like color.

Nose (88): more than average. corn, flowers, spices, citrus, candies. Balanced, sweet and with notes of age and wood. Quite interesting.

Palate (88): smooth, oily. honey, flowers, citrus wood, corn. Sweet, lovely and still those notes of wood and age that show care and love for the product.

Finish (88): longer than average. honey, citrus.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this Buffalo Trace with 88 points over 100.

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My opinion on Drinks by the dram’s Whisky Advent calendar is still the same, a fantastic idea, a great gift, a delicious experience and everything packed in little cristal bottles. Just great! And if you can afford the old & rare whisky calendar go and get it!