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Alexander & James: Luxury Whisky at your door

By Miguel in Whisky

A few weeks ago I was asked about Alexander & James, an online shop with a big focus on luxury spirits, and after a few minutes on the website I had a clear idea of what they have there.


Really, don’t go to Alexander & James for a wide range of whiskies or other spirits. They have a limited offering of whiskies, but some of the greatest between them, like you know, Talisker, Lagavulin, Caol Ila, Cardhu,…, one gin, one vodka ( who need another vodka anyway ), Zacapa rums and Don Julio Tequila. So, why I am writing about them?

Because they have had a great idea and they are doing something like none has done before. You wont find the cheapest price on A&J but they offer the kind of service that I would have killed for when someone asked me for a good “bottle” of whisky as a present I really didn’t know what to recommend. My list of recommended whiskies is awesome and the Best of the Best is simply delicious but most people doesn’t look for that. They want a good whisky that looks great and that make the person that receive it know that it is something special and great.


It is not the kind of persons that will be happy with a bottle of Ardbeg, they want something that it is good but that also looks incredible good.

Yes, you named it, something like Johnnie Walker Blue Label for example.

What I find so awesome of Alexander & James is that they apply the same concept to every bottle they have in stock. They have a large selection of gift sets with such different things as glasses, shots, shakers or spoons so you can either choose a bottle of Talisker Distiller’s Edition with two Riedel glasses or you can get a bottle of Ciroc ( a vodka I haven’t tried yet ) and add strainer, shaker and spoon to the pack.

The whole site is easy to navigate and really uncomplicated ( mainly because of the lack of further drinking options ) and you can choose how to configure your perfect gift. So next time your boss is thinking about a reward for you point him/her to their corporate gifts section.

By the way, if you enjoy cocktails A&J features a section called Magazine with some suggestions about cocktails.

And in case you are wondering about who are Alexander and James I can give you two hints. One of them created the world most famous blended whisky label, the other created a whisky famous for the color of two terriers. Alexander Walker and James Buchanan.

If you decide to check the site, my recommendations for this summer are Lagavulin 16yo, Talisker 10yo and Zacapa 23 Rum. The three are simple awesome spirits and although expensive Zacapa is worth each pound you spend on it.

How often do you use whisky as a gift? ( not for yourself! )

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