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Charles Maclean's World Whisky review

By Miguel in Books

Similar in conception to Michael Jackson Whisky book but Charles Maclean focus more on bottles.

Charles Maclean World Whisky

Begin with a short explanation of how whisky is made and a small but helpful list of aromas that are usually found in whisky and where they come from.

Then sorting bottles by country proceed with big photos of bottles in alphabetical order with a little description of the distillery or brand and a tasting note of its most relevant bottles. Between pages and pages of bottles, around four per page, there are sections to explain key facts of whisky making and whisky business. Also feature proposed tours around Scotland to visit distilleries.

It is a good book but I do really enjoy more Michael Jackson Whisky book.

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Jim Murray's Whisky Bible: World's leading whisky guide review

By Miguel in Books

A great whisky tasting guide with many whiskies, over 4500. Helpful on buying decisions.

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2011

I personally share many of Jim Murray likes so I think it is a good way of knowing what to expect from a whisky.The only negative thing I see on the guide is that the score of some whiskies is really high, specially many blends that after trying you can wonder if you are drinking the same whisky.

On it firsts pages it explains the best way of reading the whisky bible, what he want to mean with nose, taste, finish and balance and what each score means.

A very interesting feature of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible is the list of Whisky Award Winners. It is a full page with many categories as best whisky, best scotch whisky, best scotch whisky under 12 years and so on. I think there is a category for each whisky :)
Then you can read the Liquid Gold Awards that are whiskies with scores above 94. Again, as you can see the list is huge. Are really there so many incredible whiskies out there?!.

Then you have the tasting notes section sorted by countries: Scotland single malts and blended whiskies, Ireland, American whiskeys, Canada, Japan, European whiskies and finally whiskies from other countries. The tasting notes themselves are usually sort, a single phrase usually explaining the whisky most relevant features. There are some others where the tasting note details nose, taste, finish and balance, some of them are even fun: just check Port Charlotte PC7 tasting note :)

This guide is a must-have for every whisky fanactic out there: Helpful, pocket size and cheap. Whatelse?

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