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English Whisky for an English Royal Wedding: April's order

By Miguel in Orders , St George , The Macallan

From The Whisky Exchange: A fine scotch single malt, an english whisky, several VSOP cognacs, a Polish vodka and a Caribbean rum. What else can I ask for?

English Whisky St George Royal Wedding and Macallan 21 years old Fine Oak

I got yesterday my order with English Whisky St. George decanter for the Royal marriage of prince William and Katie Middleton. I really wanted this want bad!, english whisky to conmemorate an english soon-to-be-king wedding, it is a premier! :). It seems that this bottling is from a batch that mix several types of casks: rhum, madeira, and sherry.

Also I ordered a Macallan 21 Fine Oak, it is rather expensive but look what cool box and bottle. People says the whisky is up to the level.

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February order

By Miguel in Orders

February order
Just got two orders today, one from Master of Malt and another from a portuguese whisky shop. Great stuff inside.

Finally I got a bottle of Chichibu, that I was missing desperately and another of Hammer Head, a czech single malt whisky. I got also another bunch of samples

The bottles are:

January order

By Miguel in Orders

Order from La Fuente

January has been a calm month after all the Christmas shopping. Not any new releases that I am interested on. I have order some bottles from La Fuente to expand the collection. Mainly whiskies from other parts of the world: Tasmania, Japan, Ireland, Spain, …

Here is the list:

December order ( 2 of 4 )

By Miguel in Orders

Hoo! Hoo! Hooo! I am a step nearer to leave the world empty of whisky. A good order from The Whisky Exchange arrived today.

December order 2 of 4

This order is mainly composed of whisky from everywhere but Scotland :)

It is still to come, three special bottles more and a full box of miniatures from Master of Malt Drinks by the Dram range. I hope they are not under a ton of snow right now :)

December order ( 1 of 4 )

By Miguel in Orders

Order December Master of Malt

Busy month!. I am “throwing the house out of the window” spending beyond usual, but what the hell! It is Christmas. That and the fact that UK is increasing their VAT from 17.5% to 20% on Jan, 1 and I think there is something about increasing alcohol taxes too.

So this order, is from Master of Malt, with some bottles that I wanted and lots of samples.

The full size bottles are:

And the samples:

  • Aberlour a’Bunadh Batch 29 3cl Sample
  • Ballantines 17 Year Old 3cl Sample
  • Bruichladdich 17 Year Old Pedro Ximnez Sherry 3cl Sample
  • Cambus 18 Year Old 1991 – Cask Strength Collection (Signatory) 3cl Sample
  • Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Rich Oak 3cl Sample
  • Miyagikyou 12 Year Old 3cl Sample
  • North British 1997 12 Year Old (Signatory) 3cl Sample
  • Sazerac Straight Rye 3cl Sample
  • The Macallan 18 Year Old 3cl Sample
  • Yoichi 10 Year Old 3cl Sample
  • Yoichi 12 Year Old 3cl Sample
  • Yoichi 15 Year Old 3cl Sample

My wardrobe of whisky

By Miguel in Orders

My wardrobe of whisky

This is where I store my drinks: whisky, cognac, rum and wine.

At first, I had all my collection stored there with the bottles standing horizontally, until I saw a bottle where the cork looked strange. So after checking in Internet I found that whisky has to be stored vertically. So I left there the bottles that has been opened and stored in another room the closed ones. Mainly I have there:

And about the wine, I have some great ones:

Spanish wines are really great and after having been drinking whisky and learning how to find the aromas and the flavour, I have learnt to appreciate even more the subtle aromas of wines. I do really enjoy Ribera del Duero wines but when you find a good Rioja there is nothing that can match it.