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Best whiskies of March tastings

By Miguel in Tasting , News , Featured

March is now gone and I am on holidays right now. So looking back I have tasted this past month lots of interesting whiskies. There have been several whiskies above 90 points and I have tasted several interesting things as the Macallan the 1824 Collection, Buffalo Trace Vintage releases of George T Stagg, William Larue Weller, Thomas H Handy, Compass Box Last Vatted whiskies or the winner of this month and perhaps of the year…

Best whisky in March: Laphroaig 27 years old Oloroso Cask 2008

You need to know this, except some Bunnahabhains whiskies, I don’t like at all peat and sherry whiskies. So I ordered this Laphroaig not expecting anything special but willing that it was as good as the 25 years old that I tasted during Laphroaig Live 2010 when John Campbell was kind to let us try a Laphroaig 25 years old and I was greatly impressed with the whisky.

So I poured the whisky and then it just happened, there it was, with its great dark mahogany color, looking so good. Laphroaig adds caramel to Quarter Cask whisky so they may do the same to this one. But then I nosed it and I was conquered, all my walls collapsed and I was in front of one of the best whiskies I have ever had. This was like being abducted to a sherry bodega in Jerez and then being at the same time at the shore of Islay.

Almost winners

2. The Macallan 10 years old Sherry Oak Cask Strength

An old favorite here, I love Macallan and I love this cask strength whisky. I was raising my glass in memory of Michael Jackson during International Whisky Day with this outstanding Macallan. Perhaps the older ones are more sutile, with notes of candies and dried fruits, but this one at just 10 years old is a crack. It is the Ardbeg equivalent of the sherried whiskies.
And if you haven’t read the Malt Whisky Compation or Whisky both written by Michael Jackson, you should.

3. Buffalo Trace William Larue Weller 2011 Release

When I tasted George T Stagg a few years ago I was really impressed by how good and complex bourbon can be. Months later I tasted the other two special bottling from Buffalo Trace: William Larue bourbon and Thomas H Handy Rye. Now I had the chance of tasting the three in a row, and without doubts this William Larue is the best of them. Awesome bourbon even if it is really expensive at this side of the pond.

4. Amrut Fusion

This one is also a retaste, I tasted both this and Amrut 46% when I began writing in the blog and I enjoyed more the 46%. I have tasted now both of them again and this time I have appreciated more Amrut Fusion, more complex and with a delicious sherry touch. Amrut is doing a great work with their single malts.

5. Laphroaig 10 years old Original Cask Strength

And to think that I spoiled two bottles of this trying to get something closer to Laphroaig 27 years old… Awesome Laphroaig, bottled at cask strength with all the peat punch you would expect from such monster. I tasted side by side to the new batch 3 bottle and this is a better whisky in my opinion.

Special mention. Compass Box The Last Vatted Malt

I can’t quit writing without letting you know about Compass Box latest greatest whisky. To celebrate and honor vatted malt Compass Box launched a bottling, well, two in fact: Last Vatted Malt and Last Vatted Grain. They are mindblowing expensive for my standards but at least the malt version is a very good whisky with lots of old peat and sherry awesomeness.

What about you? Did you tasted any great whisky during March?
Please write about it in the comments.

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