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September whisky blogs roundup

By Miguel in Featured , Blogs

September. Bye bye to Summer. Autumn is here and so that huge amount of unique special limited releases bottles: Ardbeg Alligator, Octomore 4 and many others. So much work to drink *ejem* do, I mean do, *ejem.

Sun beach sand no more

Dramming.com featured a few tasting notes about rums like Matusalem 15 years old and Diplomatico. He also writes a a most interesting tasting of Port Ellen 1982 for the Royal Wedding from The Whisky Exchange.

Dr Whisky updated his blog, after three months!, with an interesting opinion about his experience at Maltstock 2011

Nonjatta features several japanese whiskies, you didn’t saw that one coming, didn’t you? Most interesting ones are Akashi 12 years old and Ichiro’s Malt Final Vintage of Hanyu. Also they point out the fact that Chichibu first single malt is already being sold as Ichiro’s Malt ( Keep an eye on this one if you like whisky ).

John Hansell from Malt Whisky Advocate magazine writes about a show from History Channel about Whiskey that you can see on Hulu. He also writes an article about the name change of both the blog and the magazine. Many tasting notes from Dominic Roskrow and Dave Broom.

Whiskyforeveryone wrote about Pure Festival in London, about the Irish Single Pot Still range recently released and about the latest Balvenie Tun 1401 release.

Serge from Whiskyfun writes about a new round of articles called Time Warp Sessions. Serge tastes two whiskies from the same distillery but from really different distillation dates, up to 40 years of difference. Check for example those Bowmore or those Glendronach. I dunno about you… but when I read Whiskyfun I get the same feeling that when looking from the top of cliff: Most of those whiskies are older than myself and almost as expensive as my house.

Galg from WhiskyIsrael featured an article about the twasting of Compass Box driven by Steve Rush. Tasted three different Balvenies whiskies: 12, 12 Signature and 15 Single Barrel. He also tasted three Buffalo Trace jewels: Thomas H Handy, William Larue Weller and Sazerac 18.

And at last but not the less, Ruben from WhiskyNotes.be with lots of great tasting notes as Karuizawa 1977 Noh, several of the new Glendronach Single Cask as 1992 and Shacklenton’s Whisky

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