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Three new Bruichladdich releases: Laddie 22, Cuvee 640 and 398

By Miguel in Tasting , Bruichladdich

Lots of Bruichladdich on my sample box so I have decided to start tasting from the most interesting ones: Two of the new Cuvee whiskies and the new Bruichladdich 22 years old.

These three whiskies keeps loyal to the style of whisky that Jim McEwan set on the whole range of Bruichladdich malts: citrusy, sweet, unpeated. I love his work on Bruichladdich 10 years old Laddie whisky and I was really looking forward to tasting these malts.

I have sorted them by age with the Cuvvee Eroica y Berenice being 21 years old. So the whiskies

The whiskies

Bruichladdich Cuvee 640 Eroica

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Bruichladdich Cuvee 382 La Berenice

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Bruichladdich 22 years old The Laddie

“Nice nose on this Laddie with notes of red fruits and more than a hint of peat on the palate. I like it but it isn't a huge step over younger bottles of Bruichladdich”

Bruichladdich Laddie 22 Year Old

This dram has a gold-like color.

Nose (91): more than average. honey, citrus, spices, vanilla, pepper, lavender, cherries. Quite nice with notes of spices and red fruits.

Palate (91): powerful, oily. honey, peat, wood, spices, vanilla, pepper, fruits.

Finish (89): longer than average. citrus, wood, spices.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this Bruichladdich Laddie 22 Year Old with 90 points over 100.

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Miguel says

I find the Cuvee whiskies slightly overpriced ( what the fuck! Everyone got mad?! ) but the 22 years old Laddie is quite a gentle delicious dram. I will not buy it thought, I think I can get better stuff with £80…

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