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Why you won't become rich by investing in Whisky

By Miguel in Featured , Whisky

After my article about why I think it is a bad idea to invest in whisky and after reading an excellent piece of Oliver from Dramming about the same subject, I come back again with a graph about money and time

All the bubbles are denied, so “trust” me, there is no such thing as a whisky bubble, emergent economies will take the drop in sales of countries under recession right now and later a herd of unicorns will appear and mature to perfection any booze the industry can produce at ten gazillion litres per seconds… finally only old Captain McCallister will be able to drink the stuff…

In which point do you think we are right now? Here are my two cents

The fun years

I think that definitively beyond Stealth and Awareness phases. Whisky has media attention, not because Bowmore sold a bottle of 50 years old for £100,000 to an anonymous client or because Macallan did something strange with some sherry casks at two hundred gazillions dollars per bottle… no, media is aware of whisky because of its inherent quality.


There is lots of enthusiasm about whisky, even more about single malt whiskies, so much that Octomore 10 years old was sold out in less time that it took me realizing that paying £150 for a 10 years whisky was shitty nonsense…


Greed? Wasn’t that a sin? There is no greed on the whisky world. None buys that extra limited release ( mother of God! 3500 bottles is not a limited release!) Port Ellen just to place it for sale for twice its price on Ebay… No, that definitively isn’t happening here.


Delusion? Oh my! No way! There is no such thing! We are dropping age statement just in the best interest of our beloved drinkers buyers so they can get only the very best whisky with have in our artisan warehouses… Yep, I do believe you, really… (ejem)(ejem)(ejem)

New paradigm

New paradigm, ok, I think we are entering this right now. With all the new stuff being done in the whisky world! They are investigating! They are creating new ways! Just have a look at the stupid Dalmore Consternation Collection and you can get an idea of where we are going… or the new to-be-release soon Highland Park Loki; £135 for a 15 years old whisky…

The future and my point

I will write about the rest of stages with a glass of Lagavulin at my hand and a smile in my face saying “I told you!”

My whole point with this all is… don’t fuck the whisky too! I won’t stand my live working till death and drinking cheap Johnnie Walker…

Please! Dear investors, please!

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