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Blind Tasting with Dramming.com

By Miguel in News

Blind tastingOliver Klimek, the Malt Maniac behind Dramming.com is proposing a great idea: a blind tasting competition.

Oliver explains the idea at his blog:

«There will be consecutive tastings in two categories: Scotch Single Malt and Freestyle, both consisting of five 3 cl samples. Participants will have to pay for their samples based on bottle price as well as for shipment.

My intention is to give you as little information as possible. I want you to trust your palate and not to ponder about direct or indirect hints. Don’t expect that all bottles have or have not been reviewed on the blog. And here is a dilemma: Samples are supposed to be paid for, but knowing the total price for the set is already a little hint. To solve this problem it needs a bit of mutual trust.

Participants will only have to pay an initial down payment. I will then buy the bottles and send you the drams. I will charge you for the rest afterwards, when the results are in and I disclose the identity and price of the bottles. I will trust you that you are going to pay for the whisky I sent you, and you can trust me that I don’t charge more than I paid for the whisky. I will only tell you that the total for each 5 bottle set will be less than 500 Euro. This is the only hint you will get in addition to the category description, and I basically do this only to assure you that you don’t have to expect to pay monstrous amounts for samples of luxury bottlings.

The winner(s) of the competition will not have to pay anything and will get the down payment refunded

You can check the rules at http://www.dramming.com/2012/02/27/blind-tasting-anyone/

About the payment it is like this: you pay now 25€ for the samples that amount 15€ for delivery ( worldwide ) and 10€ for samples. After the tasting happens, Oliver disclose the bottles and the prices and you will have to pay up to 10€ more, as the total price of the samples won’t go beyond 25€, so in worst case scenario we are talking about 40€ for five expensive whiskies. Seems like a great idea. I am in!.

Hurry up as there are only 21 seats and more than 50% is now occupied.

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