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Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2015 is back: Don't Panic

By Miguel in News

Oh my God! It is that dark and cold time of the year… no, no, I am not speaking about Winter, I am speaking about Jim Murray’s yearly edition of the Whisky Bible. There are two things that turn people against whisky: one is Johnnie Walker and the other is this leaflet, book, I mean book.


Seriously speaking, if there is any proof that alcohol has to be drink in moderation is The Whisky Bible… and Jim did it again: no, no, this year’s Best whisky of the year isn’t for another Ardbeg. No, this year the good old Jim named the five best whiskies of the World and only one is from Scotland. Not bad. My bet for 2016 The Whisky Bible’s Best whisky in the World is Jägermeister. But anyway… let’s review the winners.

World Whisky of the Year

2nd Place Whisky of the Year

3rd Place Whisky of the Year

Single Cask of the Year Whisky of the Year

Yeah, what the fuck!… a 2015 Whisky guide with whiskies from 2013?! All of them are excellent but I really don’t enjoy the fact that you tell people the best whisky is one they can not longer taste… clever… quite clever. If you have tasted any of the three last, you will realize that they are fanstastic stuff… but they are overwhelming! I got even a bit dizzy tasting the Buffalo Trace stuff… bottled at well over 70% ABV they are a bit hard to handle without water.

Anyway… as it is a rule on any whisky competition, there is no whisky without medal or award ( I just believe in Malt Maniacs and not much )... so these are the category winners.


Whisky of the Year: The Last Drop 1965
Single Malt of the Year: Highland Park Loki
Single Malt of the Year ( Single Cask ): The Last Drop Glen Garioch 47yo
Scotch Blend of the Year: The Last Drop 1965
Scotch Grain of the Year: Sovereign Port Dundas 1978
Vatted Malt: Compass Box The Peat Monster 10th Anniversary


Whiskey of the Year: Redbreast 21yo
Pot Still: Redbreast 21yo
Single Malt: Bushmills 21yo
Blended: Jameson

American Whiskey

Bourbon: William Larue Weller 2013
Rye: Sazerac Rye 18yo 2013
Micro Whisky of the Year ( WTF!? ): Arkansas Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon #190


Masterson’s 10yo Straight Rye


Yamazaki Sherry 2013

European whisky

Whisky of the year: English Whisky Co. Chapter 14
Whisky of the year ( Single Cask ): Belgian Owl Single Malt ’64 Months’

World Whiskies

Asia Whisky of the Year: Kavalan Single Malt
Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year: New Zealand Willowbank 1988 25yo

Jim Murray says…

Jim is away swimming in Bahamas and drinking mojitos. Please leave your message after the beep! *BEEEP*.


Hahaha!, no serious… I really understand that there are so and so many categories to give recognition to so many whisky makers that are creating great stuff but it is just crazy to have an award for every single dram… and I am a person who hardly ever scores a whisky below 80.

I remember on my old young days when I read Michael Jackson’s Whisky book that I decided to buy and taste every whisky that Michael scored above 85 on his book, the list was barely 10 to 15 whiskies. A few years later I found Jim Murray’s book and I realized that the list of whiskies just above 90 was simply and clearly endless. Anyway… whatever… I will see all this shit explode drinking Lagavulin 16yo on my copita glass.

Slainte! And get them all!

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