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And the winner is...

By Miguel in News

So finally the day has come, Sunday. And I am ready to announce the winner of the fabulous £100 whisky bottle.

During the last ten days, in Facebook, Google+ and email hundreds of friends have joined in this give-away and after getting more than seven hundred entries I have spent all the Sunday morning building the list of entries to randomly choose a winner.

So without more delays…

A Wardrobe of Whisky is proud to announce that the winner of the £100 whisky give away is…

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Win a #whiskyadvent Calendar from Master of Malt

By Miguel in News

A Wardrobe of Whisky turns three years old somewhere between October and November so to celebrate such mythical age at which raw spirit turns into single malt whisky and teaming up with Master of Malt, we are giving away a fantastic Whisky Advent Calendar.


Behind each of the 24 windows lies a different 3cl sample dram of delicious whisky! As each calendar is the same you’ll be able to discuss the dram that’s revealed each day, whether it be a single malt Scotch whisky or some other treat from around the world, with other proud owners of one of the very best things ever.

So what you need to win this fantastic prize, it is quite simple:

  1. Like A Wardrobe of Whisky on Facebook or Google+ ( or both for more chances )
  2. Each day I will publish task. Share and accomplish it for get your daily chance. For example liking a photo or answering a whisky related question.
  3. That’s all.

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Laphroaig Live 2013

By Miguel in Tasting , News , Laphroaig

It is again that time of the year. Whisky Festivals pop like mushrooms on the wild and here it is coolest of them: Laphroaig Live.
This year Laphroaig Live will take place at New York ( C’mon man! Come back to Jerez! ) at Thursday 26th September, 8PM ( New York Time ) or Friday, 27th at 1am if you happen to live at London. A bit late for a dram but who can let our Laphroaig friends to drink alone on the city that never sleeps

Laphroaig Live 2013

The venue for the evening is an original Hudson River Barge which, at over 99 years old, has seen cargo come and go into New York for almost a century. While the barge was taking its cargo into port, Ian Hunter – the last family owner of Laphroaig – was introducing the world to the now famous whisky. Legend has it he even introduced it to the USA during Prohibition by convincing authorities of its “medicinal” purposes! ( Amen for this man! *cought* *cought*)

As usual on every Laphroaig Live, an expert panel of guests will explore part of the history and the drams of Laphroaig and this time its links with America. ( Did you said Maker’s Mark? )

They’ll look first to the fastest growing Laphroaig expression, Quarter Cask, matured in barrels similar to those used in the early days of the distillery. To contrast this, the panellists will sample the latest expression, Laphroaig QA, which uses the American style of maturation. They will compare it to the classic American bourbon from sister distillery, Maker’s 46. The final expression will be the remarkable Cairdeas 2013, bottled for the Friends of Laphroaig. This unique expression used Port Wood for part of its maturation, resulting in an extraordinary taste and colour.

I have tasted two of them so let me give you my two cents.

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