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Master of Malt busy week

By Miguel in News

Master of Malt has been doing really cool things during the last week.
Two of them has been really cool, first they have at last released the Blogger’s blended whisky.

St. Isidore, the bloggers blended scotch whisky

St. Isidore Bloggers Blended Whisky

Master of Malt is proud to finally announce the release of the blended whisky, St Isidore, created entirely by whisky bloggers. To make this blend, the spirits retailer called upon the great and the good of the whisky industry including names such as Whisky Magazine, Edinburgh Whisky Blog, CaskStrength.net and Whisky Cast.

Master of Malt started by sending blending kits to 10 prominent whisky bloggers, and asked them to create the best blended whisky they could using the ingredients provided, whilst maximising its value for money. The bloggers’ recipes were made up and sold in sample sets, and Master of Malt asked the public to vote for which recipe should be made into the brand’s next whisky.

The votes were counted (using the AV system) and a rather smoky, Islay-inspired blend was chosen as the winner, before the bloggers agreed on a name for the blend, calling it St Isidore after the patron saint of the internet. For the final stage, Master of Malt called on graphic designers to submit label designs for the bottle, which summed up St Isidore, the blend, and the whisky blogging community, making them as creative as possible.

Master of Malt 55 years old Whisky Liqueur

master of malt 50 year old liqueur
The second event of the last week is the release by Master of Malt of the world oldest scotch whisky liqueur, made with a stunning sherry matured 55 years old Speyside Scotch Whisky!. This rare, limited edition liqueur was created with single malt drinkers in mind, and rather than masking the core whisky with sweetness, just a little natural sugar and spices were added to accentuate the rich, sherried flavours and malt notes.

The whisky was sourced from one of Scotland’s most legendary distilleries, and it was aged for 55 years in sherry casks, resulting in a rich palate redolent of calves leather, sultanas and mahogany. It was then bottled non-chill-filtered, and not diluted in any way save for the addition of natural sugar and spices.

You can have a look here… just don’t ask about the price :D Designed by Tim Sainburg from Brambling Design

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