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Top 5 Whiskies I tasted in February You Can't Miss

By Miguel in News , Featured

Tired of reading dozens of tasting notes? Do you want to have simply the best whisky right now? Suffer no more! Read about the best whiskies I have had during February and discover where you can buy them before they are sold out, because they will!

1. And the winner is… Macduff 11 years old 2000 bottled for The Whisky Barrel

This stunning whisky with just 11 years old is simply the best I have had during this month. This Macduff really took me totally by surprise as I wasn’t expecting such a great whisky looking at its age.

It is a very nice sherry monster with powerful notes of tobacco, spices and toffee. And the best of all for a really nice price, just 39.99 at The Whisky Barrel

2. Caol Ila Old Malt Cask 27 years old 1984 bottled by Douglas Laing for The Whisky Barrel

On second place I placed this Caol Ila 27 years old bottled for Douglas Laing‘s Old Malt Cask range for The Whisky Barrel. It is a whisky pure, sincere, no finishes, no strange casks: just whisky, oak and lots of years. This Caol Ila has still so much peat punch after almost three decades in the casks… and it sings aloud of tropical fruits and spices.

3. Bunnahabhain 30 years old 1978 bottled by Murray McDavid

This Bunnahabhain whisky is the epitome, for me, of sherried aged peated whiskies. Bottled by Murray McDavid and miraculously not finished in anything, this Bunnahabhain is really sublime, with the peat and the sherry in a perfect marriage. I really love how it tastes of spices, leather, raisins and cocoa.

4. Bunnahabhain 9 years old 2000 bottled by Adelphi

And as a testimony that age doesn’t matter you have here a whisky from the same distillery, also aged in sherry casks that also score really high. This Bunnahabhain bottled with just nine years by Adelphi independent bottler shows a different profile of sherry, dry oloroso, with a nose and taste rich in nuts, leather and nice touches of sulphur.

5. Caol Ila Feis Ile 2010

Finally my last choice for this Top 5 whiskies is Caol Ila Feis Ile 2010. I have had the chance to taste it now because, as you know, the bottle was sold during Feis Ile festival at Islay two years ago. Again, it is a pure Caol Ila with it great peat, honey and citrusy notes but over them stands gorgeous aromas of toffee and biscuits.

Honorable mention: El Dorado Demerara Rum 25 years old 1984

I can’t quit without writing you about El Dorado 25 years old, an awesome ultra-exclusive Demerara rum bottling, never repeated after this one as far as I know. This is perhaps the most delicious and inspiring rum I have. So much spices, nuts and sugar kinds there that you want it not to end. A must-taste for any rum lover out there.

What have you been drinking this past month? Tell me in the comments below.
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