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Whisky Tasting Session 2012-08

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Caol Ila , Bunnahabhain , Bowmore , Tomatin , Glen Keith , Longmorn

This Whisky Tasting Session was the last event of the 2012.

In case you missed previous tasting sessions, WTS are a blind tasting of six whiskies chosen by Jean Marie of Whisky-distilleries.info. Our task consists on tasting them, rating and find the right price range of the bottle.

I have been a bit stressed so I decided to do the tasting in a short break that I had and send Jean Marie the results as soon as possible. I have learn two things:
a) Don’t taste on a rush.
b) Don’t trust my skills to guess age of a dram.

Jean Marie placed on this tasting some awesome and incredible bottles some of them over 30 years old. So now that I know what I was tasting I will take a bit of time to retaste them and check if the score or the tasting note departs for the previous blind tasting.
It would be a huge dissapointment if they do, as I do my best not to score the distillery, the color, the price or the bottle but the whisky for itself. I will keep you updated.

The tasting was interesting but nothing close to sensational, but after filling the tasting notes I realized that I have tasted some very special whiskies: a 38 years old Bunnahabhain, a 35 years old Bunnahabhain and a more than 30 years old Caol Ila.

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Master of Malt Single Cask: Whiskies dram-arathon!

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Arran , Bunnahabhain , Master of Malt , Tobermory , Springbank , Clynelish , Auchentoshan , Tormore , Braes of Glenlivet

As I was writing you yesterday, whisky fairy knocked my door with a box ( well, two in fact ) full of whisky samples of Master of Malt’s Single Cask Whiskies.

Apart of three very interesting That Boutique-y whiskies, the box had eleven samples of the new bottling, that if you know them are stunning most of times… just thinking of this Bowmore, this Glenturret or … ejem… well… to the point, about these eleven single cask whiskies.

Kids! Don’t do this at home! Eleven drams, one evening. Let’s find the best one.

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That Boutique-y new bottles: Invergordon, Springbank and Bowmore

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Master of Malt , Bowmore , Springbank , Invergordon

Whisky fairy knocked a few days ago at home with a huge amount of samples from Master of Malt new bottlings, three new That Boutique-y whiskies and almost a dozen of their latest Single Cask releases.

I will taste today the three That Boutique-y whiskies: Invergordon, Springbank and Bowmore. They are a range of bottles crafted in small batches of which I reviewed seven of them just a few months ago ( many of them sold out by now unfortunately for you ).

One of the things I love about these bottling are the awesome labels… well and the fact that the whiskies inside the bottle are great. Let’s taste them…

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Bonjour mon amour: Tasting Camus, Courvoisier, Hine, Principe and Duque de Alba

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Courvoisier , Hennessy , Camus

WTF! Cognac?! In a whisky blog?! Yeah. I have tasted just a few cognacs and really I didn’t enjoyed the experience, so I have decided that it is time to taste a few more of them. Perhaps I am lucky and find a new passion to write about. With even more luck I taste a nice cognac.

No, seriously. I have tasted Courvoisier and I am really not fond of it at all. Perhaps it is the Chivas Regal of Scotch whisky. It is present everywhere, everyone knows about it, it has deluxe written in every possible spelling in the label and it is a poor dram.

I have just introduced my hand in the “other beverages” box and have take out seven bottles: five cognacs and two spanish brandies.

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Milroy's Tweet Tasting: Single Casks with Love

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Cooley , Zuidan , Longmorn

I was at London just a few months ago for TWE Whisky Show and as I arrived too late for entering the show I decided to grab my camera and walk a bit around. Talking with some friends they told me not to miss Milroy’s of Soho and so there I was.

While I was on the shop I noticed, between the hundred of awesome whisky bottles, a few single cask bottlings by Milroy’s. To buy or not to buy. That was the question. Nevermind Ryanair replied it for me as I was traveling with hand luggage only ( stupid security rules! ) and I would be force to either drop or drink the bottle at the airport.

So you can understand my joy when Steve Rush announced a Milroy’s Tweet Tasting ( Who of you prefers twasting? ) for Dec, 12th and I was told I were to join fellow bloggers in it.

The tasting was driven by Steve and 17 more chaps has joined to enjoy it. Lots of known faces at the tasting like @rodbodtoo @fr1day @whiskyrepublic @TIA568B @ifotou and @steveprentice


So Gentlemen! ( and Ma’am! ) Pour your drams!

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St. George English whiskies: Chapter 6, Chapter 9 and Chapter 11

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , St George

I tasted a very nice St. George English Whisky, well, not a whisky yet in fact, a few years ago when doing a vertical tasting of Ardbeg whiskies. I was really ashtonished by the awesomeness of that spirit and I have been since then willing to taste new whiskies from this distillery.


My chance appeared at The Whisky Show 2012 in London, where English Whisky Co has a shared stand with Amrut showcasing some of their whiskies.

So concentrated drinking I was that I forgot about taking pictures of the stand. Where we were? Ah, right… the whiskies…

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Embrujo de Granada: How whisky is crafted under the Spanish Sun

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Destilerias Liber

During the last WhiskyLive Madrid, Fran Peregrina invited me to visit Destilerķas Liber, a small malt whisky distillery that are responsible for the first single malt spanish whisky that it is born just under Sierra Nevada in Granada, Andalucķa.


A few weeks ago I found a free work day and I decided to visit Granada and visit the distillery that it is just ten minutes far from Granada. They accept visits with a booking at info@destileriasliber.com.

So this was my experience there.

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Bunnahabhain: Tasting the softest Islay whiskies at 12, 18, 25 and 40 years old

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Bunnahabhain

Bunnahabhain is the most subtle whisky of Islay, with is unpeated malt it really departs from the peated consensus that rules the island. But don’t let this turn you down. Bunnahabhain single malts are among the best I have had and at the The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show I had a chance of tasting some very exclusive ones.

As I was in a real hurry that day, I have now added at home a few Bunnahabhain whiskies more that I really wanted to taste but I wasn’t able.

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Gin-tastic tasting! Bathtub Gin and the others

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Master of Malt , Gordon , Plymouth , Broker's , Williams Chase , Bombay

There are moments in the life of a man where he clearly needs a Gin. Just kidding! If eventually that moment arrives your can be sure that your mind is already beyond hope… but nevermind… I decided to taste a few Gins for Science’s sake.

The chaps at Master of Malt sent a sample of their new Bathtub Gin at Navy Strength ( Myth Busters like video included at the end of the article by the way! ) so I introduced my hand on the “other drinks” box and grabbed five more gins… there is no worse thing in this world that just having a only a single dram.

I have had these miniatures around for months and never find time to properly taste ( or dispose! ) them so this is a great time to measure what this crazy Professor Ampleforth has achieved with this Gin.

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That Boutique-y Whiskies: Not only the labels are great

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Ardbeg , The Macallan , Aberlour , Master of Malt , Benriach , Caperdonich , Aultmore , Benrinnes

Master of Malt sent me some samples of their new range That Boutique-y and as I happen to have some samples too myself I decided to do a super tasting of this new ramge of whiskies!.

First thing that grab your eye on these whiskies is the precious labels they have created for each of them. And also the fact that the whiskies are bottled at cask strength. Looks like most of them are a vatting of several casks and there is no age statement in any of them but if they are as good as this first batch… :)

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

That Boutique-y Whisky Company bottles Scotch Single Malt Whiskies from a variety of renowned distilleries like Ardbeg, Macallan or Aberlour in limited batches. These whiskies are adorned with cultish comic-book style labels which feature prominent figures from the whisky industry upon them, as well as other little details for you to find!

The whiskies Batch 1

I have tasted several whiskies from the first batch and most of them are already sold out by the time you read this. On their webpage it is available right now a second batch of whiskies.

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