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Would you pay £150 for a Glendronach 15 years old?

By Miguel in Arran , Bowmore , Benriach , Glendronach , Dalmore , Glenturret

What the hell! July already?! Well, I was supposed to write about this WTS 2013-03 session almost two months ago, but as the poet says there is no harm on delaying if the whisky is good.


As usual, Whisky Tasting Sessions is a set of six whiskies that Jean Marie Putz chooses himself and tasted blindly by us. Just a number on each sample so you can identify it and most of the times they are not sorted in any proper way. But as always, it is a pleasure to test my senses against them.

This session has a great dram that I really love and it has been really fun to discover what it was. Usually between strange independent bottlings of bizarre distilleries there is a jewel or two, like a 38 years old Bunnahabhain that really surprise you. Such is the case…

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Glenturret 18 year 1990 Chieftains Choice Tasting note

By Miguel in Tasting , Glenturret

“Something strange and spicy appears on the taste that breaks a light and floral whisky.”

Glenturret 18 year 1990 Chieftain's Choice
An 18 year old from Ian MacLeod's Chieftain's Choice range. This was distilled in October 1990 and aged for 18 years in cask number 91781 before bottling in May 2009. A release of 312 bottles.

This dram has a gold-like color.

Nose (82): average. honey, floral, pepper, citrus. Very light whisky and overall floral aromas.

Palate (85): light. honey, floral, citrus, paper, spices.

Finish (83): average. floral, honey, a little wood.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this Glenturret 18 year 1990 Chieftain's Choice with 83 points over 100.