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Stories from September, 2012

Laphroaig: Salty peated single malt pleasure

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Laphroaig

Tasting in honor of Laphroaig Live 2012, five proposed whiskies. I have all of them but Ardmore so I will taste three Laphroaigs and Connemara.


I missed the online event for a matter of hours so I sorted the whiskies as I though it could be best. I think that the drams has been sorted slightly different on the online tasting with Connemara and Ardmore being tasted in last place.

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Laphroaig Live 2012: on Live from Oktoberfest

By Miguel in Tasting , Laphroaig

UPDATE: Read the tasting I run with all the whiskies tasted at Laphroaig Live 2012 but Ardmore at A Wardrobe of Whisky Laphroaig Live 2012 Tasting

Join us online at Laphroaig Live 2012 that this years will be celebrated at Oktoberfest in Germany.

Laphroaig Live will be online at 21:00 EST ( 20:00 UK ) for everyone to join Laphroaig Distillery Manager John Campbell, Master blender Robert Hicks and two great whisky minds as Bernhard Schfer and Pierre Thiebaut.

You can join them and me on the a worldwide online tasting of:

So don’t forget to set up your phone alarms for one of the biggest whisky events of the year.

Whisky experiments: (almost) World best whisky liqueur ever

By Miguel in Uncategorized , Tasting

What would you do with a bottle of the cheapest scotch whisky money can buy?

Well, I though about just throwing it by the sink but then you won’t be reading this awesome investigation article. I could have throw it in some connoiseurs blind tasting but they would hate me for that.


So I decided to use it to do a better-than-the-original whisky liqueur.

So how do you do a whisky liqueur? It is easy! Just add honey, lots of honey and spices and fruits. Sounds easy? Well, I have to say that my respect for liqueur brands has increased as a direct result of my learnings with this experience. It isn’t so easy.

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