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Stories from April, 2014

Bunnahabhain is always a safe bet: WTS 2014-01

By Miguel in Tasting

Whisky tasting Sessions is a blind whisky tasting run by Whisky-distilleries that is quite interesting because you taste strange and rare drams the way they should be reviewed: blind.

I have just realized that I still have to write about a few Whisky Tasting Sessions and one Rum Tasting Session. This is the 2014-01, and I have found a few quite good drams.


Let’s review them and I tell you my favorite.

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Glenfiddich Single Malt Whiskies Review #FT

By Miguel in Tasting , Glenfiddich

Look mum! Look! I have discovered how to buy Glenfiddich online! Now damn serious, if you plan to collect whisky, do your homework and find for the best prices at A Wardrobe of Whisky… you would have saved lots of money or you would be collecting LEGO… much like me.


This chap is collecting Glenfiddich whiskies and the photo has 12 bottles of which 11 are clearly readable. I personally think it is a damn pity and a waste of time… don’t collect Glenfiddich… it is such a nice whisky that it is a pity that you don’t drink it.

Another post for the Fucking thief. Stealing other persons’ whisky so you can know about it. Is this your photo? Write me to fthief@awardrobeofwhisky.com and I will pay you… homage… and share with A Wardrobe of Whisky’s readers your experience on the tasting. Slainte!

Let’s review them. From left to right…

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Signatory Clynelish 1995 17 years old Reviews

By Miguel in Tasting , Clynelish

The last of the whiskies that I tasted at The Whisky Show in the Signatory stand. This Clynelish is another really good whisky… but I really get sad when I think of Brora.

“An awesome Clynelish aged in a sherry cask to perfection. Highly recommended”

Clynelish 1995/ 17 Year Old/ Sherry #12794/Signatory for TWE Highland Whisky
A single cask bottling of 1995 vintage Clynelish, chosen by The Whisky Exchange and bottled by Signatory after 17 years' maturation in a refill sherry butt.

This dram has a amber-like color.

Nose (92): more than average. nuts, powder, honey, citrus, spices, smoke, wood.

Palate (92): . nuts, powder, spices, wood, honey, citrus.

Finish (92): longer than average. spices, wood, honey.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this Clynelish 1995/ 17 Year Old/ Sherry #12794/Signatory for TWE Highland Whisky with 92 points over 100.

Miguel says…

Nice way of blending sherry and smoke. A delicious very recommendable whisky if you ask me.

Laphroaig an Cuan Mor Review

By Miguel in Tasting , Laphroaig

I was drinking fantastic whiskies bottled by Signatory for The Whisky Exchange with Tim Forbes on the Whisky Show when I saw on the side of the eye a glimpse of a strange Laphroaig bottle that I have never seen before…

Come on! You all know I love peat, what would you have done? I dropped my Caol Ila 29yo in the the bucked and moved to have a try of that under-the-table Laphroaig.

“It is a complex Laphroaig much in the league of Triplewood”

Laphroaig an Cuan Mor
Translated as Big Ocean, this unique expression is a celebration of the art of Laphroaig, with only the best batches hand selected by Laphroaig's distillery manager for their exceptional flavour. All have been matured in first-fill-only ex-American white oak bourbon barrels in their warehouse right next to the Atlantic. This whisky is then re-casked and left to sleep in the European oak until bottled.

This dram has a amber-like color.

Nose (89): more than average. peat, wood, spices, honey, cloves, citrus.

Palate (89): powerful, oily. peat, wood, liquorice, spices, vanilla.

Finish (88): longer than average. peat, honey, spices.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this Laphroaig an Cuan Mor with 89 points over 100.

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Miguel says…

As far as I know the Laphroaig Triplewood was a success and any step taken in that direction has been a good thing for the distillery… so I think it was natural for them to keep pushing. I personally prefer their younger simpler expressions like Quarter Cask or the 10yo Cask strength releases ( now NAS ).

The Lost Distilleries Blend Batch 4 Reviewed

By Miguel in Master of Malt

Master of Malt launched a few years ago a blended whisky called The Lost Distilleries Blend. The idea is that the whisky is created, crafted, using malts and grain whiskies from silent distilleries.

The list of closed distilleries of Scotland is a bit long but malts that can be obtained nowadays are Littlemil, Port Ellen, Caperdonich, Brora, Glenury Royal, … so the idea of creating a blended whisky with this is simply awesome. The second batch of this The Lost Distilleries Blend has recently won the World’s Best Blended Whisky at World Whiskies Awards ( or WWA for friends ) 2014. And this is no minor achievement, other years winners are whiskies like Hibiki 30 years old or Jameson Select Reserve.

The recipe is undisclosed but let’s taste it and let discuss what it can be and how old you would say it is.

The Lost Distilleries Blend Batch 4

“Lovely floral... I wasn't expecting this kind of whisky... it is much like nosing in a spring garden with a tiny bit of peat hidden there. Littlemill?”

The Lost Distilleries Blend - Batch 4

This dram has a fino-like color.

Nose (91): more than average. floral, ginger, honey, citrus, vanilla. Fantastic nose. It is something quite familiar between floral and fruity but I can't spot it... maybe ginger but not sure.

Palate (93): powerful, oily. floral, candies, parma violets, honey, citrus, wood, vanilla, spices.

Finish (92): longer than average. floral, honey, spices, peat.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this The Lost Distilleries Blend - Batch 4 with 92 points over 100.

Miguel says…

Well, I have to say that I was expecting something like a crazy old Port Ellen and well… definitively this is not. The whisky has something old inside, around 20 or 30 years old and ex bourbon cask. It isn’t crazy old whisky and if there is sherry here it is in a little proportion. It has a trace of peat on the taste so it can has a tiny drop of Port Ellen or Brora… but due to the way it tastes I really think the main component here could be an old Littlemil. But who knows… have you tasted it? What do you think it could be?

I have enjoyed each drop of it… certainly is a magnificent whisky.

Piece Of Islay: The new Bowmore Duty-Free Single Malts

By Miguel in Bowmore

Yesterday Bowmore did a twitter tasting introducing their new (to me) Duty Free bottles: Black Rock, White Sands and Gold Reef.

2014-04-03 20.01.48

Ally Dickinson manned the twitter tasting with many fellow bloggers. One really interesting experience of this tasting was that it was paired with chocolate: little cocoa with crushed coffee beans and toffee filled chocolates.

Well, let’s taste them.

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Glendronach 15 years old Tawny Port Finish Review

By Miguel in Tasting , Glendronach

Ok, more Glendronach today… a 15 years old Tawny Port, a type of Portuguese Port wine.
This whisky is aged in bourbon barrels and then finished in Port Pipes, a huge kind of cask.

“It is a nice whisky with notes of fruits, spices and chocolate... but the Virgin Oak finish was so nice”

Glendronach 15 Year Old Tawny Port Finish Speyside Whisky
70cl / 46% / Distillery Bottling - Introduced to the Glendronach range in 2011 the 15 year old Tawny Port finish continued the distillery's new owner's plans of taking the bourbon matured whisky from the old owners and bringing it more into line with their idea of the traditional taste of Glendronach. This one has spent the last few years of its time in cask in Tawny Port casks, picking up lovely red fruit flavours.

This dram has a cooper-like color.

Nose (89): more than average. honey, fruits, citrus, vanilla, apples, cinnamon, cocoa.

Palate (88): powerful, oily. honey, wood, fruits, apples, citrus, spices, cinnamon, chocolate.

Finish (88): longer than average. honey, citrus, cocoa.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this Glendronach 15 Year Old Tawny Port Finish Speyside Whisky with 88 points over 100.

Miguel says…

Umm… still… I prefer the Revival or the Virgin Oak finish. Not my favorite… but I don’t really enjoy this kind of “experiments”. Whisky is for ageing in Oloroso sherry oaks ano nothing else :)