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Discover Hard To Find Whisky & Their Masterclasses

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Hard To Find Whisky is located in the Jewellery Quarter, one of Birmingham’s most historic areas. The frontage exudes style and luxury with a modern glass door and marble steps leading in.

HTFW Master Class11

Once inside, it’s hard not to be impressed. There are over 22 units displaying 3,500 bottles, from entry level Grants’ blend to their jewel in the crown bottling, the Macallan 1928 50 Year Old, on sale at 35,000. This is very clearly a shop for whisky enthusiasts. All the ultra rare whiskies are displayed in glass cabinets, lit with beautiful led lights. This really brings the colour of the whiskies to life and displays them in their best way possible.

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One thing that really sets Hard To Find Whisky apart from other whisky retailers is their huge range of masterclasses. They have 14 masterclasses on offer. These are available all day, whenever you want to taste some great whiskies. The idea is you can pop in whenever you want and take part rather than the usual tasting evenings that are run by most other spirit and wine stores. All the tasting classes contain 5 whiskies and start at 20 per head for a beginners course.

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You also get course notes to take home after which contain a write up of the whiskies you’ve tried. A great thing about the tastings is that they are all done blind so you don’t know what you’re tasting. This takes away any preconceptions of different brands and you are purely basing your opinion on the smell and taste of the whisky. The whiskies are then revealed after often to surprised reactions.

The team at Hard To Find whisky are extremely knowledgeable about whisky and are always on hand to answer any question about the spirit. Between their staff, there aren’t many whiskies they haven’t tried. They are also very knowledgeable about other drinks and spirits and so can offer advice on these where needed. The shop does have a small gin/vodka/liqueur section so people buying other gifts are in safe hands.

Hard To Find Whisky is an incredibly impressive store, the vast array of whiskies on offer and the attention to detail given to making it a whisky-lovers paradise. It is a great addition to the whisky scene of the UK and anyone who loves drinking, collecting, buying or just talking about whisky should pay them a visit.

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