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September whisky blogs roundup

By Miguel in Featured , Blogs

September. Bye bye to Summer. Autumn is here and so that huge amount of unique special limited releases bottles: Ardbeg Alligator, Octomore 4 and many others. So much work to drink *ejem* do, I mean do, *ejem.

Sun beach sand no more

Dramming.com featured a few tasting notes about rums like Matusalem 15 years old and Diplomatico. He also writes a a most interesting tasting of Port Ellen 1982 for the Royal Wedding from The Whisky Exchange.

Dr Whisky updated his blog, after three months!, with an interesting opinion about his experience at Maltstock 2011

Nonjatta features several japanese whiskies, you didn’t saw that one coming, didn’t you? Most interesting ones are Akashi 12 years old and Ichiro’s Malt Final Vintage of Hanyu. Also they point out the fact that Chichibu first single malt is already being sold as Ichiro’s Malt ( Keep an eye on this one if you like whisky ).

John Hansell from Malt Whisky Advocate magazine writes about a show from History Channel about Whiskey that you can see on Hulu. He also writes an article about the name change of both the blog and the magazine. Many tasting notes from Dominic Roskrow and Dave Broom.

Whiskyforeveryone wrote about Pure Festival in London, about the Irish Single Pot Still range recently released and about the latest Balvenie Tun 1401 release.

Serge from Whiskyfun writes about a new round of articles called Time Warp Sessions. Serge tastes two whiskies from the same distillery but from really different distillation dates, up to 40 years of difference. Check for example those Bowmore or those Glendronach. I dunno about you… but when I read Whiskyfun I get the same feeling that when looking from the top of cliff: Most of those whiskies are older than myself and almost as expensive as my house.

Galg from WhiskyIsrael featured an article about the twasting of Compass Box driven by Steve Rush. Tasted three different Balvenies whiskies: 12, 12 Signature and 15 Single Barrel. He also tasted three Buffalo Trace jewels: Thomas H Handy, William Larue Weller and Sazerac 18.

And at last but not the less, Ruben from WhiskyNotes.be with lots of great tasting notes as Karuizawa 1977 Noh, several of the new Glendronach Single Cask as 1992 and Shacklenton’s Whisky

August Whisky Blogs round up

By Miguel in Blogs

Interesting tasting notes this month and a good article about chill filtration by Dramming.com

Butterfly August

Ruben at WhiskyNotes tasted, among others, an stunning Port Ellen 1983 by Duncan Taylor, a very old Mortlach 1936 and a Kilchoman Inaugural Islay Release.

Danish whisky blog tastes a Douglas Laing Ardbeg + Glenrothes Double barrel vatted whisky and also tastes the Amrut Herald, a four years old cask strength indian whisky.

Dramming writes a tasting note for Three Ships, a very interesting south african whisky and also tastes the impressive Highland Park 25 years old. He also does a great experiment about how chill filtration affect whisky.

Nonjatta comes with news about first “proper” ( you know, older than three years old ) whisky from Chichibu to be released in October and wrote ( as many did ) about the acquisition of all the stocks of Karuizawa by No. 1 Drinks

The Casks tastes a few Isle of Jura whiskies: Prophecy, Superstition, 16 years old and 10 years old

The Whisky Wire tastes a Dalmore 40 years old and does an interview with Ingvar Ronde, author of Malt Whisky Yearbook ( which I have recently bought )

Whisky 2.0 writes about the new whisky from the isle of Lewis, which has finally been released at the friendly price of 150 plus delivery.

Whisky for everyone has a most interesting posts about two new Macallan for the Whisky Shop retailer, the limited edition of Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Finish and third and last release of Highland Park Magnus series: Earl Haakon.

Whiskyfun has been publishing several random summer trios of whisky that even you and me can buy. Very interesting.

July Whisky Blogs Roundup

By Miguel in Featured , Blogs

It is back! Longer, bigger and uncut!

It has been a long time since I was able to write the round up. I expected to write this weekly but I have been extremely busy and I haven’t been able to do it.
So in a new hope, I plan to do a monthly blogs round up with just the best of the best, so in a ten minutes you can stay updated ( or outdated! ) of what has been happening in the amazing world of whisky worlds.

Coastal Holiday Sand Beach

BoubonBlog writes a interesting tasting review of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Dramming has, along it great concise tasting notes, two good articles about whisky: Ten things about scotch whisky everybody should know and the ten essential scotch whiskies that everybody should have tried. Just one thing, where is my ardbeg?!.

The Casks features a very complete review of Mortlach 15 years old from Chieftains independent bottler and of Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve. Wasn’t this one discontinued?

CaskStrength and Carry On has several good reviews of Kilchoman 100% Islay Whisky, Compass Box Great King Street Blended Whisky and their own Arran bottling which is not sold out unfortunately.

John Hansell of Mald Advocate writes a most interesting post about keeping whiskies from oxidizing and a good amount of Islay whiskies review: classic Lagavulin 16 years old, Laphroaig Cairdeas and Ardbeg Alligator Committee Reserve. Lucky guy!

WhiskyforEveryone reviews also Kilchoman 100% Islay Malt, Spanish DYC 8 years old blended whisky of which they say it is “refreshing and ideal for drinking in a hot climate”. Sure! Keep it and we will take Macallan for us :).

WhiskyIsrael does a review of St George English Whisky Chapter 11, both the standard and the cask strength version which should be released really shortly. Also write a serie of tasting notes from Benriach distillery. As well as a tasting session of four Glenfiddich: 12 years old, 14 years old Rich Oak, 15 years old and 21 years old.

WhiskyNotes has some great tasting notes of Inchgower 36 years old from Master of Malt ( guess who bought the last bottle of it! ), a japanese whisky Akashi White Oak, a not really favorable review of DYC blended whisky ( I have to agree with Ruben that the whisky isn’t good, it is hell better to get the DYC Single Malt Coleccion Barricas, this one is a great Spanish whisky ). Also he writes a few reviews of Japanese whiskies, among them Yamazaki 18 years old. Worth reading them really.

Whiskyfun turned nine years on July and Serge is now over 7400 tasting notes. The archived post features lots of tasting notes from many independent bottlers.

If you enjoyed the article, like it.

Whisky blogs round-up: Impressive old stuff

By Miguel in Blogs

This week I have been a bit late for my whisky blogs round up.

Dramming continues with his series of posts about Dramming in Scotland, with his visit to Knockdhu, Glendronach and Glenturret. He also writes about the people, places and moments that found on the travel.

Edinburgh Whisky Blog write about the Good Spirits Company, a new whisky shop opening at May, 27th in Glasgow. I have been following in Twitter the progress of the shop and I have to say that it look impressive.

Nonjatta writes about new japanese whiskies seen on Europe imported by Les Whiskies du Monde and sold by Royal Mile Whiskies. I have known that the importer is having a bad time and probably is just finishing its stock before closing and by the way, the prices are horrible!.

The Casks does a review of Whiskypedia and he enjoys the book a lot.

John Hansell, from Malt Advocate, post about the six best selling brands of whisky in the US: Glenlivet, Macallan, Glenfiddich, Balvenie, McClelland and Glenmorangie. He does a review of Glenlivet decades, a collection of five bottles from five different decades to support the release of Glenlivet 70 years old. Also features the second part of the Buffalo Trace’s Single Oak project article.

Serge from Whiskyfun keeps writing about his 80 whiskies around the world, with a German whisky, next Solan, an Indian whisky, and another supposed Indian whisky, and two Amruts from independent bottlers. Then three Amruts bottled by Blackladder, and five Kavalan from Taiwan which gets impressive scores.

WhiskyIsrael tastes some Kintra Single Cask whiskies: A Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain, Glen Scotia and finally a SMWS Jura at 20 years old.

Ruben from Whiskynotes posts several interesting tasting notes as Glen Grant 1959, several Malts of Scotland as Glen Keith 1970, Glenrothes 1968 and Strathisla 1970, a Glenrothes 1968 from Duncan Taylor Peerless, a North Port from Scott’s Selection and a Glen Elgin from Whisky Fssle. Impressive stuff

Sorry for the delay.
Enjoy reading.

Whisky Blogs Round-up: Still travelling around the world

By Miguel in Blogs

This week features a really interesting article about how Benriach 16 years is done and the travels of Serge around the world in 80 whiskies.

a bottle of Bowmore Tempest

Whiskyfun still travelling around the globe with his Around the world in 80 whiskies. This week is portrays a Czech whisky, a Polish whisky and one Hungarian whisky.

Dramming posts a very interesting disclosure of how Benriach 16 years old is crafted as explained by Stewart Buchanan at the Spirit of Speyside Festival. Also writes about Dufftown distillery.

John Hansell of Malt Advocate writes in What does John know? blog about reviews done to Greenore 18 years old and Mackinlay’s Shacklenton Whisky by Dominic Roskrow and Benromach Origins 12 years old by Dave Broom.

John writes about Glenlivet 70 years old, Four Roses 2011 Limited Edition, Bowmore Tempest and Port Charlotte PC7

John also explains the Buffalo Trace Single Oak project with a two parts article. Here is part 1.

Ruben from WhiskyNotes.be review two more Longmorn 1975 from Daily Dram and Whisky Agency. He writes about the Limburg Whisky Fair 2011 and tasted also Inchgower 1982 from Whisky Doris, a specially bottled Strathisla 1963 for Whisky Fair 2011 from Gordon and MacPhail and a Karuizawa 1991 Noh.

Whisky for Everyone writes about the Master of Malt Blending Challenge. For 29.95 you get 10 blended samples, each corresponding to a renowned blogger who get a kit to create the best possible blended whisky. Really interesting idea. You can read more at Master of Malt blog. Also they write about Glen Garioch 1991 Vintage

Enjoy reading it.

Whisky Blogs Round up: Midleton single pot still whiskey

By Miguel in Blogs

Another week. Another whisky blog round-up. Here is the briefing of this first week of May which has been mainly about the event at Midleton distillery in Ireland.

a bottle of Kilchoman Spring 2011

Dramming writes about Dramming in Scotland, this episode in Glengoyne. And also points the over-regulation of UK safety guidelines (Mind the gap!).

Edinburgh Whisky Blog travelled to Midleton presentation of their new single pot still whiskies. Lucas wrote about all that happened at Midleton and writes about single pot still.

Nonjatta posts a tasting of Karuizawa Vintage 1985, Vintage 1982 and Vintage 1989.
Also Nonjatta is hosting May whisky round table, which asks about how confident you are in your whisky tasting skills and if it is possible to categorize a sip in words. Interesting replies that are worth of reading.

John Hansell of Malt Advocate writes this week also about the Midleton presentation of their new single pot still whiskeys.
He does a tasting of the Gordon and MacPhail Private Collection of Caol Ila: Madeira and Moscatel finishes, Kilchoman Spring 2011. He scores a whooping 96 to the Jefferson’s Presidential Select 18 years old.
Finally writes an interesting review of Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection: “Rediscovered Barrels”.

Whisky for Everyone introduces the new Douglas of Drumlanrig, a new range of independently bottled single malt whiskies. They tasted Bowmore Tempest Batch 2.

a bottle of Mackmyra 1st Edition

Whiskyfun keeps traveling around the world with his 80 whiskies around the world.
He visit Spain and tastes four DYC: Blended, 8 years, Pure Malt and 50 Aniversario.
Then two Welsh whiskies: Aur Cymru Peated and Rich Madeira Limited Edition.
Then moving to Ireland and tasting the lower part of the shelves: Tullamore Dew, Kilbeggan, Jameson, Power’s Gold Label and Tyrconnel. Serge continues with a older irish whiskeys: Tullamore Dew 12 years, Jameson 12 years old, Power’s 12 years old, Connemara 12 years old and the two new single pot still whiskeys: Power’s 12 years old John’s Lane Release and Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy.
Still in Ireland, he now write about even older irish drams: Jameson 18 years old, Kilbeggan 18 years old, Greenore 18 years old Small Batch, Bushmills 21 years old and Connemara Single Cask.
Time to move to Sweden: now three Mackmyra: Brukswhisky, 1st Edition and Special 04. And finally three swiss whiskies: Santis Malt, Lakeland 3 years old and Castle One Edition Kser. Woo! Serge, check your liver!.

Whisky Israel tasted Kavalan Vinho, writes about twasting ( a twitter tasting ) of four Mackmyra and review Black Bull 40 years old.

Finally Ruben from WhiskyNotes tastes a Caperdonich 1972, Greenore 10 year old for Belgium, North British 1962, a Banff 1975 and two Longmorn 1975: Daily Dram Germany and Whisky Faessle

Enjoy reading.

Whisky Blogs Round up

By Miguel in Blogs

Very interesting reviews this week in the blogs. Don’t miss Serge’s 80 whiskies around the world and John’s review of Bowmore 40 years old.

a bottle of Three Ships South Africa WhiskySerge Valentin at WhiskyFun has keeps it Around the world in 80 Whiskies posting with a lot of new post since last week.
He keeps with American whiskies as three Johnny Drum Bourbon, ten easy to find american whiskeys and bourbons as Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack, Evan Williams Single Barrel, Sazerac 18 years and Van Winkle among others. He does a two more batches of american whiskeys and another with some excellent Buffalo Trace Bourbons before traveling to… Brazil.
Whiskyfun tastes Union Club, a brazilian whisky made near the Uruguayan border.
Finally, he tastes three african whiskies: two Three Ships and another cheap blend from Gambia.

Dramming writes a tasting note of Balvenie 12 years old Signature.

The guys behind EdinburghWhisky Blog publish an interview with Sandy Hyslop, the master blender of Ballantine’s. And they also review Bowmore 1982

John Hansell reviews Bowmore 40 years old and rate it with 96. Just a bit expensive, $11.000.
Shall we order only two so?. He also reviews Jim Beam Devil’s Cut and Bulleit Rye Whiskey.

a bottle of Amrut Intermediate Sherry Whisky
Ruben from WhiskyNotes posted a few interesting tasting notes as Ledaig 2001, Caol Ila 1984, Caol Ila 2000, Ardbeg 1972, Bowmore 2001 and Belgian Own 53 months. Quite interesting.

WhiskyIsrael posts about the Mackmyra twasting ( a tasting using Twitter ) and SMWS Ardbeg 30.70.

Whisky for Everyone portraits a review of St. George Royal Wedding Special. Did you know prince William has married?!. They also write about Kilbeggan 18 years

The Casks was a review of the Amrut Intermediate Sherry and Powers Special Reserve 12 years old. Amrut seems to do very well.

Am I missing another great whisky blog? Write me about it or post a comment!.

Whisky blogs round up: April, 3rd week

By Miguel in Blogs

Last week on the blogsphere we read about:

a bottle of Kilchoman Spring Release 2011

Whiskyfun: Around the world in 80 whiskies

Whiskyfun is doing a special about Around the world in 80 whiskies. Serge is travelling around the world tasting some whiskies. He has started in Canada with a Glen Breton 15 years old and moved to the USA with three bourbons: Blanton’s Original, Four Roses Single Barrel 2010 and Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Straight Whiskey 2010.

You can’t left Whiskyfun without reading Pete McPeat and Jack Washback plans for Royal Wedding.

What Does John Knows: Ardbeg Alligator

John Hansell writes about Glenmorangie Pride, a 28 years Glenmo for just $3600, a bargain. Also he tasted Ardbeg Alligator, which seems that will be bottled at 51.7% and that will be available at USA as a Committee release in June. He also reviews two Irish whiskeys: Michael Collins and Knappogue Castle.

Dramming has been reviewing some bottles as Tamnavulin 16 years old from Master of Malt, Eagle Rare 10 years old and Whyte and Mackay Special

In Edinburgh Whisky Blog, Chris writes about his trip to Speyside were he visited Glenburgie, Glenlivet and Strathisla.

a bottle of Mackinlay Shacklenton Highland Malt Whisky

Whiskynotes has been tasting LittleMill 1989, Kilchoman Spring Release 2011 and Goudem Carolus 2009. Kilchoman announced that there will be a 100% Islay malt version in June, a 4.5 years old fully sherry matured in September and a 5 years old in November.

Whisky Israel: Tasting Shacklenton whisky

Whisky Israel have been after Mackinlay’s Shacklenton Rare Old Highland Malt that you can still buy at Master of Malt for 99, a Glengoyne 9 years old from the Creative Whisky Company and a SMWS Macallan Cask 24.104 called “Chocolate box at Christmas”.

Whisky for Everyone writes a quite interesting article about their visit to Glenburgie distillery.

The casks has been reviewing Chieftain’s Cigar Malt, Evan Williams Single Barrel and Bulleit (95) Rye Whiskey.

Nonjatta: Number One Whiskies unaffected by Fukushima radiation

Nonjatta posts few reviews of Japanese whisky ( if you haven’t tried it yet you really don’t know what you are missing ): White Oak Crown Blended Whisky, Genshu Single Cask Yoichi 20 years old and Nikka Pure Malt Tarudashi. They also post the press release of Number one drinks about their whiskies to be unaffected by Fukushima’s radiation.

Happy reading!.