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Ardbog & The Macallan 1824 Collection

By Miguel in Laphroaig , Glenlivet , The Macallan , Whisky , Longmorn


Yay! Lots of interesting stuff this month! Finally grabbed my bottle of Ardbog and completed The Macallan 1824 Collection range of bottles. Also got a old Longmorn 15 years old and the new Talisker Port Ruighe that I plan tasting really soon. Also just I have just got a bottle of Laphroaig QA and a Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Madeira Cask.

So mysterious Alpha was that I forgot the mention it. Not sure that it is worth £100 but a really nice whisky.

What have you got lately? Any interesting dram that you have missed?

Burns Malts by The Whisky Barrel, it feels like robbing them

By Miguel in Tasting , Bunnahabhain , Springbank , Dailuaine , Caperdonich , Longmorn , Braes of Glenlivet

What an incredible way of starting my holidays. I was at home sorting and cleaning stuff when the DHL guy appeared with a box bigger than usual for a sample. My Wife looked me suspiciously and I had to swear that this time it was true; I haven’t ordered anything.

[Note to self: it worked! Next time try with full size bottles]

I checked the parcel and it has a reference; BMALTS. Ummm…

I was getting excited because I had read a week before a nice press release about the six new whiskies bottled by The Whisky Barrel for their Burns Malt range and I was really wondering how good they were.

I tasted before a previous release of Littlemill and Bunnahabhain and I really enjoyed them.

So I usually place samples I get on a box and taste them as I please but this time I just did a from parcel to table session.

The six new whiskies belong to a range of single malts bottled by The Whisky Barrel to commemorate Robert Burns, Scotland’s favorite son and poet.

Oh, I can’t wait! Let’s taste the whiskies.

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Whisky Tasting Session 2012-08

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Caol Ila , Bunnahabhain , Bowmore , Tomatin , Glen Keith , Longmorn

This Whisky Tasting Session was the last event of the 2012.

In case you missed previous tasting sessions, WTS are a blind tasting of six whiskies chosen by Jean Marie of Whisky-distilleries.info. Our task consists on tasting them, rating and find the right price range of the bottle.

I have been a bit stressed so I decided to do the tasting in a short break that I had and send Jean Marie the results as soon as possible. I have learn two things:
a) Don’t taste on a rush.
b) Don’t trust my skills to guess age of a dram.

Jean Marie placed on this tasting some awesome and incredible bottles some of them over 30 years old. So now that I know what I was tasting I will take a bit of time to retaste them and check if the score or the tasting note departs for the previous blind tasting.
It would be a huge dissapointment if they do, as I do my best not to score the distillery, the color, the price or the bottle but the whisky for itself. I will keep you updated.

The tasting was interesting but nothing close to sensational, but after filling the tasting notes I realized that I have tasted some very special whiskies: a 38 years old Bunnahabhain, a 35 years old Bunnahabhain and a more than 30 years old Caol Ila.

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Milroy's Tweet Tasting: Single Casks with Love

By Miguel in Tasting , Featured , Cooley , Zuidan , Longmorn

I was at London just a few months ago for TWE Whisky Show and as I arrived too late for entering the show I decided to grab my camera and walk a bit around. Talking with some friends they told me not to miss Milroy’s of Soho and so there I was.

While I was on the shop I noticed, between the hundred of awesome whisky bottles, a few single cask bottlings by Milroy’s. To buy or not to buy. That was the question. Nevermind Ryanair replied it for me as I was traveling with hand luggage only ( stupid security rules! ) and I would be force to either drop or drink the bottle at the airport.

So you can understand my joy when Steve Rush announced a Milroy’s Tweet Tasting ( Who of you prefers twasting? ) for Dec, 12th and I was told I were to join fellow bloggers in it.

The tasting was driven by Steve and 17 more chaps has joined to enjoy it. Lots of known faces at the tasting like @rodbodtoo @fr1day @whiskyrepublic @TIA568B @ifotou and @steveprentice


So Gentlemen! ( and Ma’am! ) Pour your drams!

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