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FT: Compass Box The Last Vatted Whiskies Review

By Miguel in Tasting , Compass Box

A few years ago, the Scotch Whisky Association or SWA for friends, decided to ban the term vatted whisky to refer to the result of blending different single malt whiskies into a vat and bottling that. They said that blended malt whisky was a better term and it won’t cause confusion on the buyers with blended whisky. #bullshit


Most people were whining about it, but Compass Box saw here a real money opportunity and launched to bottle what would be the very last vatted malt, and as a surprising extra, the last vatted grain.

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So far I haven’t been disappointed with any Compass Box whisky, so I bought these two with my eyes closed. Let’s review them.

The Last Vatted Grain

“Good grain whisky just a bit short of being great.”

Compass Box Last Vatted Grain
Launched alongside Compass Box The Last Vatted Malt, The Last Vatted Grain was launched to mark the end of "vatted whisky".

From the 22nd November 2011, blends of single grain whiskies may no longer be called "vatted grains". Instead, they must be labelled "blended grain whisky".

This particular stunner is a mix of 42 year old Invergordon, 14 year old Cameron Bridge, 29 year old Carsebridge and 20 year old Port Dundas.

This dram has a fino-like color.

Nose (91): more than average. corn, honey, spices, vanilla, wood, banana, tropical fruits.

Palate (90): smooth, powerful. honey, corn, spices, wood, fruits, cinnamon. Very nice but light. I prefer stronger whiskies.

Finish (89): longer than average. honey, corn, spices, cinnamon.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this Compass Box Last Vatted Grain with 90 points over 100.

The Last Vatted Malt

“Great whisky that portraits with honor the fact of being the last of an era.”

The Last Vatted Malt
This special limited edition bottling is a valedictory farewell to the Vatted Malt, delivered with honour and pride.

After midnight on 22nd November 2011, such marriages of malt whiskies from more than one distillery will have to be labelled as Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.

This aristocratc whisky is made from a marriage of fine, old single malt whiskies from Islay and Speyside distilleries. Only 1,323 bottles have been produced.

Along The Last Vatted Malt, it was also released The Last Vatted Grain, an unrepeatable vatted grain whisky.

This dram has a cooper-like color.

Nose (91): more than average. peat, honey, salt, iodine, citrus, wood, apples. Very nice nose indeed.

Palate (92): smooth, powerful, oily. peat, honey, fruits, salt, citrus, wood, raisins, cocoa, vanilla, iodine.

Finish (90): longer than average. peat, citrus, wood.

So based on other whiskies I have already tasted I rate this The Last Vatted Malt with 91 points over 100.

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Miguel says…

Muahahaha. The whiskies are nice, but really in no case they were worth the money I paid for them. If you have to choose one, I would go again for the last vatted malt, or get a Peat Monster 10th anniversary and save the rest of money #advise

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