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Why I have been away for almost four months

By Miguel in News

Hello all,

Those of you that follow A Wardrobe of Whisky on Facebook may have read it, but I think you all deserve an explanation. I really write on the blog almost daily and I taste several whiskies weekly at worst… but unfortunately since June I haven’t been able nor really I was in mood to write or drink whisky.

Around mid June my mother felt ill and she visited her doctor that sent her a few blood analysis to know why she was so tired and losing so much weight, a few days later she discovered that she had some kind of cancer because there were some elevated values on the analysis. A visit to the oncologist a few days later, pretty much the same day that Arran Tweet Tasting took place, let us knew that she had a fall-back of a breast cancer she suffered fourteen years ago. Two days after that the x-ray CT revealed that the new cancer has metastasis on both liver and the vertebral column. The oncologist suggested a treatment called BOLERO2 that she started just a beginning of July to give her a decent quality of life despite explaining her and us that this kind of cancer had no cure. She started taking some pills to help her fight against the pain.

So despite the treatment or because of it, she felt each day weaker and weaker, until eventually in the second revision, barely two months since the begin of the treatment she was so weak that she was unable to stand up from bed to go to doctor. So we went in her place and after watching the analysis results he confirmed us that the treatment wasn’t working and he should suspend it. So from that moment, she was only visited by hospice care at home. Unfortunately each time they come home they double the amount of medication she needed to fight pain.

Only a few days after those sad news, her health got worse and doctors decided to remove all her medication and they left only stuff to keep pain under control. So after ten days fighting on their own against the pain and the cancer, she passed away at home between her family. That was September,27th.

It has been a really hard and sad experience to see my mother leaves us each day a bit more, but at least we have been with her all along the way. So as you can imagine, I haven’t really been able to neither write or drink much on these months, not really because I didn’t have time but because I didn’t have the strength to give the best of myself into something else than my family.

I am not a religious person, specially after all that I have seen on my own, so if you want to join us in paying homage to her memory, raise your glass! To a great teacher, a fantastic friend and for sure the best mother one can have. Slainte!

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